Mike's 2024 Schedule


          Thank you for your patience regarding my 2024 tour schedule.  I have finally settled on dates with Caravan and am able to post the list of my upcoming tours.  If you have travelled with me before, it would be my pleasure to have you accompany me again to experience the wonders of the American West. 

     Caravan has added sites to each of their western US tours this season.  On the Grand Canyon tour, we will be visiting Antelope Canyon for the first time. This is a wonderland of sculpted sandstone that defies description.  An amazing slot canyon where light and shadow mix in an otherworldly combination that you will never forget.  On the Yellowstone tour, Caravan has added a day to visit Badlands National Park.  Another unique landscape that will defy your ability to comprehend.  Such are the joys of discovering the West and our National Parks.

          For 2024, I will have the honor of leading the following tours:                 

April 17th – Grand Canyon tour

April 25th – Grand Canyon tour

May 13th – Grand Canyon tour

May 21st – Grand Canyon tour

June 14th – Yellowstone tour

July 10th – Yellowstone tour

August 13th – Yellowstone tour

September 2nd  Yellowstone tour

September 18thGrand Canyon tour

September 26th Grand Canyon tour

October 14th – Grand Canyon tour

October 22nd – Grand Canyon tour

          Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we are surrounded by flowering shrubs and trees.  Dogwood, redbud, and azaleas fill the mountains with color and new Life.  In contrast, the West's stark and rugged beauty calls to me as well.  Can't wait to feel a sagebrush-born breeze, as I listen to a canyon wren, and gaze at landscapes that challenge my ability to comprehend them and leave me in awe.  May adventures continue to enrich your Lives, and may our paths cross again on tour or in the most unexpected places.  Cheers!! 


This schedule has been updated on April 11, 2024.