Hey there!  Greetings from Mike!  If you are on this site, it is likely you were on one of my tours to the great American West.  Hope you enjoyed the experience and that it brings you fond memories for a long time to come. I truly love sharing those special places with others. It brings me great joy to know I may have played a part in your experiencing the sense of wonder the West can bestow.  As you probably know, I served as a National Park Ranger for many years (hence, of course, the website address). If you want a list of the parks I’ve worked in, recommendations for visiting, as well as a convenient link to the park’s site, please click here.

Many of my guests have expressed an interest in joining me on another tour.  My work schedule is the end-product of compromise between me and my employers.  I must await hearing from them regarding options.  We then decide on a mutually satisfactory schedule.  This process can take time and often isn’t settled until close to the spring. I will update this information as it becomes available to me or changes.  To see my current and future tour schedule, please click here.

I get lots of inquiries regarding the readings I share each morning on tour.  To view these readings or to download copies for yourselves, please click here.

If you would like to contact me, that would be great.  I am always open to tour suggestions or new readings or music that may be favorites of yours. My email address is currently parkrangermike@juno.com.  Please be aware, however, that I could be on tour or on a mountaintop at any time, so it may be up to several weeks to get a response.  May our paths cross again.  My best to you!